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Wedding of Stephanie & Jonathan

It was one of those weddings I just can’t get enough of looking back at and I’ve totally loved to post process these pictures. It was a wonderful clear day, there were two beautiful people, completely in love and beautiful scenery to shoot them in. Perfection!

Stephanie & Jonathan had a wedding full of wonderful little details. All the attention they payed to those details made it a blast to shoot. I’m very happy to show some of the pictures I shot with you…

Wedding of Sueli & Sander

When there’s a wedding in your family, it’s very hard to say no when your sister in law asks you to take her pictures. So yes, there we are…

Wedding of Ypie & Joris

It’s always fun when friends get married and you get to shoot their wedding. And this unconventional couple was so much fun, I can do this every day of the week. Really!

Wedding of Lies & Mark

A wonderful day in the pretty city of Gorinchem was the wedding day of Lies & Mark. They looked so pretty!

Wedding of Savita & Ramon

Sometimes you have moments that everything just works together. It all fits like a glove…

Well today was one of those days. The wonderful wedding day of Savita & Ramon. And I was the happy photographer. Let me show you why…

Indian bridal shoot

Today I had a quick Indian bridal shoot for a make-up artist in training. Chantal was the wonderful model and even though she’d never been in front of a camera before, she did very well.

We shot in a beautiful location in Zoetermeer, the ilili Grand Cafe, and Angela did some wonderful make-up so here’s some of todays pictures!

_MG_0395 _MG_0403 _MG_0422

Wedding of Iris & Tom

Sometimes sweet weddings just happen to drop right out of the sky and just a few weeks ago I was asked to shoot the wedding of Iris & Tom. They suddenly found themselves without a photographer and well, I got the question whether I could shoot.

They were under the very lucky circumstances that I just took a few days off and my parents were so nice to come and babysit Faeye for a few hours (heroes they are) so we made it all happen.

Here’s some of the many beautiful images I shot that day and I don’t want you all to miss out on…

Wedding of Jacky & Alvin

After a very last-minute message, I suddenly had another wedding on the last day of the year. Jacky and Alvins wedding to be exact. It was a lovely, simple and personal ceremony.

For me however this was a special one, because when I shot another wedding last year, my parents were able to babysit my wonderful daughter Faeye, but this time there was no such thing. The bride had told me it was perfectly OK to bring her along, she would be the youngest guest at the wedding.

So that said, I shot the entire wedding while I was carrying Faeye in a wrap. She was so sweet and fell asleep halfway through the ceremony (not that the officiant was that boring really). It’s been awesome this was possible!

_MG_0022 _MG_0028 _MG_0042 _MG_0070 _MG_0173 _MG_0180

Wedding of Debbie & Edwin

I still remember her asking me that one day in 2012, that if he’d ever ask her, whether I would want to shoot her wedding. So of course, the answer was simple, I would love to. Debbie being a colleague of mine I see her quite often and we get along well. We have a good laugh during the week and well, I was quite sure I would be able to get her camera shy ass out there on some sweet wedding pictures.

So the second Monday of January this year she walks into the office and comes up to me: “Anouk?”. “Yes?!”. “You know I asked you to to take pictures right?”. “Yes?!”. “Well……….”. And well, the rest is history. Edwin asked to marry Debbie on New Years and they got married almost a year later.

And I kept my promise, I was the photographer and we had a great time. Even these two wonderful camera shy people got out of their shells and how can you do anything else on your wedding day. We had wonderful weather, a great time and a good laugh. I love shooting a wedding like that. For me it’s all about having a good time to make the pictures and the time worth looking at for a long time after.

In this case I’m quite sure we managed, both Debbie and Edwin are extremely happy after they saw the pictures, so all I can say for now, have a look yourself and be the judge…

_MG_3379 _MG_3407 _MG_3438 _MG_3445 _MG_3469 _MG_3472 _MG_3534 _MG_3545 _MG_3597 _MG_3608 _MG_3890 _MG_3906

Wedding of Bas & Roosje

Sometimes as a photographer you get asked to shoot something you don’t even think to doubt about. When two friends of mine asked me to shoot their wedding, I didn’t even dream of doubting. They are such a loving couple, it couldn’t be a much more beautiful wedding.

So at this question, I jumped, I loved the idea of shooting their wonderful day. And wonderful it was. The weather worked with us, as it was a beach wedding, this was quite important, and their love showed more than ever. I felt privileged being there with them and being able to make those memories last in pictures. And last they will I tell you.

Tonight I brought them the pictures and I can finally show you those wonderful moments… I hope you all like these pictures!

_MG_1293_MG_1320_MG_1324    _MG_1333 _MG_1388 _MG_1408 _MG_1455 _MG_1469 _MG_1495 _MG_1515 _MG_1560 _MG_1567 IMG_9772_MG_1680 _MG_1687 _MG_1756_MG_1777 _MG_1810 _MG_1825_MG_1840 _MG_1857 _MG_9915_MG_9948 _MG_9987_MG_0039_MG_0075 _MG_0171

Wedding of Inez & Bas

Sometimes as a photographer you’re so lucky to witness the most happy moments in people’s lives. This time it was a wedding of a collegue of mine. And this one was special, for I was there when Bas proposed to Inez as well. Actually, I was the one who set it up, as he asked her at work. It was so nice to be able to shoot both that lovely moment and the wedding.

With their two little princesses and everything set, the weather working with us (even though it was pretty warm) and all the guests there, it was a magical day! I want to share some of those magical moments with you all.

Handfasting of Sueli & Sander

As a photographer I get to be on the front line of some people’s important milestones. Last saturday I was witness of a very special one. My sister in law had her ‘Celtic wedding’, also known as a ‘Handfasting’ with her sweetheart. A while back they asked me to take some pictures of their day and well, I couldn’t say no could I?

At a Celtic festival they had their beautiful moment. Amidst family and friends, basically our own extended family they shared their moment. This is what I ‘froze in time’ for them…

_MG_8163 _MG_8178 _MG_8201 _MG_8213 _MG_8273 _MG_8287 _MG_8330 _MG_8353 _MG_8362 _MG_8417 _MG_8471 _MG_8524

The wedding of Natasja & Hein

By the end of June it was busy. I had lots of work at my dayjob, but some wonderful photography events as well. One of them was the wedding of Natasja & Hein. Two beautiful people who were an absolute joy to photograph. Together with two lovely colleagues we shot the wedding from different perspectives and it was very nice to realize some of the shots I’ve been dreaming of to shoot… It was an absolute joy!

Wedding of Angelique & Rob

Just three weeks ago, on a really lovely day, the 25th of May to be exact, I was the photographing witness of the wedding of Angelique & Rob. And a lovely wedding it was. We had a blast. From (very) early in the morning until late at night, they kept on smiling and joking around. So, I am proud to present a very small selection of the pictures I took at their wedding, in celebration of their love…


Wieke & Nils’ anniversary

One year ago I was the photographing witness of the love of two people. Wieke & Nils promised to spend the rest of their lives together as registered partners. It was a magical moment to see two wonderful people join in this moment, knowing their love was on it’s way to become more, with Wieke’s pregnancy. With this little blog, I want to share the beauty of the anniversary of their year together, which is now three of course…