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My parents have been married for 40 years this year. When they were married 25 years we took a trip to Mexico and this time, my father took my mother to Paris. The place they started out, so many years ago. What she didn’t know was that we were all coming to parents. The surprise was real. It was totally awesome and we had a beautiful weekend.


My parents were off to Italy this year and invited us over as this would be our last chance of a holiday before our little baby would be arriving. My husband and I jumped at the opportunity and went back to Italy, to Venice after our trip two years ago.

I took some pictures in and around Venice and the Veneto this time, even though the weather wasn’t great all week. I wanted to share some with you…

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Last July my love and I went on a trip to Italy. It was so nice to finally have a real holiday again after 8 years and of course I had to drag my camera along. It was such great fun to finally get out there again, see stuff, enjoy the sun and most of all, enjoy it all with my lovely Humberto. He’s been everything I could ask for and I’m kind of thinking that we just might be the best thing ever to each other. But without further ado, I wanted to share some pictures of Venice with you all, so here they are…


Italian food

This summer, it seems ages ago, but in fact it’s not that bad, we went to Italy on our summer holiday. It was amazing. I don’t know why I hadn’t been before and I was flushed with all these wonderful sights and not to forget the food. I really love food and Italians have their way with it I have to say. I mean, cooking up these wonderful dishes with simple ingredients, but with so much love, it just turns out amazing! My love for photography combined well with my love for food and I took a couple of images of the great food we had on our trip. And I’m surely going back, for even looking at these pictures, it tastes like more…

A touch of Holland

We had been planning for a few days what to do and today was the day. Some of my most beloved traveling friends were visiting Holland and I have to say over the years they have become friends of my entire family. The story is quite simple. When I was living in Egypt a few years back, I met this guy from Australia; Micheal. We hit it off straight away and had loads of fun in the grand bazar that is Khan el Khalili and many other places in beautiful Cairo.

Over the years we kept in touch and when my brother went to travel the vast country that is Oz, I sent Micheal a message. He immediately invited Sander over, but it took some persuasion from my side to actually get him there. He hasn’t regretted that decision at all and loved his real Ozzie Christmas with three ‘Barbies’ (Barbeques).

Now, when Sander was coming back to this part of the world, Micheal just happened to be around these parts and I’d introduced him to my parents as well. He even went with us to pick up Sander at the airport. It was a welcoming he didn’t expect but you never know how things go, right?

Well, this year, Micheals wife Cheryll came along for the ride (she usually doesn’t come along for she hates airplanes) and they ended up coming this way again. They stayed with my parents for the last few days and today we set up a surprise meeting with them. They didn’t know they were going to see Sander again, and I was an even bigger surprise. And to make it even more Dutch, we went to see the lovely windmills at Kinderdijk. My dad even brought the bloody Dutch wooden shoes… Eh… Clogs!

So, to finish it all off, I took some pictures and wanted to share them with you all.

Paris by night…

I haven’t been into photographing builings and such over the years. I used to say that I couldn’t take pictures of anything not moving. But hey, going out with your friends and having some fun along the way, I decided to give night photography a go, just as I did with urbex photography.

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad at all and I had loads of fun doing so. And I can’t complain about the results either really! So that’s what I wanted to share with you, some results of my night photography in Paris…

Paris with the Kneusjes

I always love being in Paris. The sounds, the smells, the heartbeat of the city. And this time I’m here with two of my beloved friends; Team Kneus! We’re cruising the city by subway, having loads of fun and yesterday we tackled some of the famous Paris landmarjs, like the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur. We even ended up doing some night photography at the famous Moulin Rouge.

Fun we’re having. Today there’s a whole lot of new stuff to see and do. So we’re off!

Paris baby!

It seems so much longer, but it’s been only a year since we had our first great adventure in Belgium: The grand beginning of ‘Team Kneus’. With two photographic friends we embarked on an adventure to find a lost castle in the forest. Well OK, lost isn’t really the right word, for it was my stupid fault we had to drag a poor girl all over the bloody place on crutches and never found the bloody castle that day, except for the smallest glimpse of the towers the second we gave up searching for it was slowly getting dark and we had to give up.

We made up for it a couple of days later and revisited the castle, finding it because this time I didn’t make the same mistake again right. Crawling through the forest to keep away from it’s scary guardian with quad and shotgun we found it this time and what a time we had! It was absolutely wonderful! We had the best time and took some wonderful pictures, but Team Kneus was found. Now we visit some festivals and concerts together each year and well, in good old spirits, going abroad should be part of our ‘Kneusjes on tour’ curriculum too right?

After taking quite a bit of planning, some shuffeling of agenda’s and loads of preps, this is it. We’re going to Paris baby! It’s going to be a Team Kneus trip, filled with lots of fun and laughter, stupid jokes and hey, how else, lots of pictures. So Parisians beware, we’re leaving for you right now!

(And to leave you for the weekend, I’m adding a couple of pictures from our castle adventure…)