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A forestwalk…

A walk in the forest with my family just asked for a couple of pictures…

Family beachshoot

Some days aren’t the most perfect days to shoot when you look at the weather. This was one of those days. The wind was blowing and it wasn’t nice warm beach weather, however if you look at these pictures, you won’t tell, for this just shows so much love!

Jacqueline & her family were just a blast to shoot, again!


Afgelopen weekend waren de bollenvelden op zijn mooist. Het is van ons uit een klein stukje rijden, maar dat hebben we er graag voor over. De kleine dame genoot van de mooie bloemen en had een prachtige middag!

Pregnant Alette

When pregnant Alette asked me to take some last-minute pictures, being 38 weeks pregnant, I didn’t hesitate. We went out into the woods and had some beautiful soft light…


My parents have been married for 40 years this year. When they were married 25 years we took a trip to Mexico and this time, my father took my mother to Paris. The place they started out, so many years ago. What she didn’t know was that we were all coming to parents. The surprise was real. It was totally awesome and we had a beautiful weekend.

Playing in the snow

Last sunday we woke up and the light in the bedroom was off. There was a strange glow coming from outside. So I opened the curtains and I found out why… The world outside had turned white, completely white. It was so pretty!

We decided to get up early and go outside with our little munchkin. It was time for her to meet real snow, as we didn’t have snow like this for the previous two years. And fun we had, bouncing around in all that pretty snow! I even brought the camera along and shot a few pretty pictures…


Shot these beautiful ladies and their babies for my babywearing consultant website and that of my collegue…

Pregnant Jacqueline

Het mocht eigenlijk niet, zo ver weg van het ziekenhuis, maar heel stiekem kwam Jacqueline toch met haar man mijn kant op voor een paar foto’s van haar zwangerschap. We hebben het rustig aan gedaan zo in de winterse kou, maar wat straalde(n) ze!


Today I was invited to shoot a haka workshop. The haka  is a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Māori culture. It is a posture dance performed by a person or a group, with (vigorous) movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.

Emelie gives these wonderful haka workshops in the Netherlands and I could tell you over and over how wonderful it is to follow both her workshop as her enthousiasm for the matter.So go, try. Dance!


A quiet afternoon in the woods, in a collaboration with Mila, Sterre let her inner diva out. And look what happened!

Family beach shoot

Doing these kinds of family shoots is so much fun. It’s lovely to play on the beach with such a beautiful group of people…

Castlefest – Saturday

Another wonderful day at the best festival of the year: Castlefest. The sun was out, my babygirl was happily hopping along on my back and I took the chance to shoot some nice stuff.

_MG_5814 _MG_5926 _MG_5936 _MG_5941 _MG_5944 _MG_5958 _MG_5982 _MG_5995 _MG_6012 _MG_6039 _MG_6052 _MG_6134

A Family Portrait

By the end of last year I did a lovely family shoot of Ilona, Alex & Luca, that I shared with you. And because they all liked the results, they asked me to shoot a lovely (larger) family shot this weekend. It was meant as a gift for their mothers’ birthday.

This time we met in the same place as last time, the beautiful Ockenburgh park, where I met up with Ilona, Alex and Luca, but this time accompanied by her sister and brother with their families.

Even though it was quite cold everyone went for it and we managed to get all the noses in the same direction with six adults, two young kids and a young adolecent dog. Don’t you all think mom will be happy with a large print of these beautiful people?

All I know is that I needed to catch my breath after running back and forth to get everyone looking at the camera, but boy do I love shoots like this!


Melinde & Kate

Had a lovely mini shoot today with Melinde and her ten month old baby Kate. We spent some time in one of the lovely parks that can be found in The Hague and we shot some sweet stuff.

We had great luck with the weather and enjoyed the sun that came out to greet us. Here’s some of my pictures.

_MG_1289 _MG_1330 _MG_1323

Ilona, Alex & Luca

This morning I had a lovely mini shoot with Ilona, Alex and baby Luca in the beautiful forest of the mansion of Ockenburgh. Honestly, I love this place for walking, it was the first place we took baby Faeye for a walk when she was about two weeks old and years ago we had a lovely party at the mansion. Good memories here…

But this morning it was all about a sweet mini shoot in the beautiful autumn forest. Here’s what I shot…

_MG_1201 _MG_1208 _MG_1216

Elise’s colours

Todays mini shoot with Elise de Haseth and makeup artist Tessa de Haseth in Clingendael park. I love the colours of fall to work with, especially with a beautiful model.

_MG_0953 _MG_1117 _MG_1134

Colours of fall…

Today I had a small photoshoot with a couple of people in the park, however it’s more of a forest on the edge of the Hague in some places.

The shoot was set up by a makeup artist I’ve known for some time, Danielle Deurloo, and she brought her two daughter for models. Another makeup artist, Tessa de Haseth, brought another model, Elisa de Haseth (in the last photo and in the next post) and we had a blast. We took the beautiful colours of fall to work with…

_MG_0977 _MG_1002 _MG_1041

Amaya Faeye

On the 29th of August I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Humberto and I named her ‘Amaya Faeye’, which means ‘Fairy of the nightly rain’, freely translated. We call her Faeye.

Of course, being a proud mom, I think my girl is just absolutely stunning and after a first couple of hard days on my part, the pink cloud arrived. I haven’t been off of it since and by now she’s a month old and I’m totally enjoying being a mother of such a beautiful girl. Being a photographer as well I’ve been shooting some pictures of her first month as well and I want to share some with all of you, so here you go…

_MG_0208 _MG_0903 _MG_0532 _MG_0523 _MG_0426 _MG_0264

Newborn photography

Lately there has been a baby boom around me (and a lot of pregnant ladies, so plenty more newborns to come as well) and since I’m in the last stretch of my own pregnancy I haven’t been seeing much else, photography wise and otherwise than maternity and baby stuff. Not that it matters, I’m really enjoying this but there is some stuff I would love to talk about. _MG_9541
When it comes to newborn photography, there are a few things one should take into account and well, that’s where this little blog comes in. As a lot of people around me told me they could use a few tips and tricks when it comes to (newborn) photography, so I decided to work on this little blog to help out where I can. Of course, this blog won’t make you a professional photographer (and it’s well worth investing in some good pictures of your baby), but it might just help you to take better pictures of your own newborn or small baby and think of things you might have otherwise forgotten.
First of all, I would like you tolook at how you are taking the photo, the angle is very important. You don’t want to shoot up a nose for example. Try to put yourself in an angle where you’re on level with the little one. A little bit of a birds perspective is fine, but generally spoken, it’s best to get yourself on about the same level as the baby. So setting up your working space, think about this. Don’t (generally) work on the floor for example, as you’ll have to crouch down yourself but use the couch or the bed, a table works fine as well. Make the experience of shooting nice for both yourself and your newborn.

_MG_9858Next is that it’s best to shoot while the little one is asleep or almost asleep (eyes closed mostly) within the first couple of days (say within the first 10 days) after birth to get those adorable fresh and tiny newborn pictures. This is mainly because it saves you from the weird looks newborns can throw at you and the floppy arms. When sleepy, little ones are just heartmeltingly cute and I don’t know a lot of people who don’t adore a sleeping newborn.

Another important thing is to make sure it’s nice and warm where you’re shooting, you might get sweaty and hot, but it’s well worth having a comfortable baby and thus having wonderful pictures. This is important as newborns look best naked or wrapped in a simple fabric (honestly I’m not a big fan of pictures in diapers), as most clothes are too big for newborns and they will easily look like they are drowning in them.

When I’m shooting (newborn or otherwise) outside the studio (mostly in peoples homes) I try to choose a place with a neutral background. You can cheat a bit in Photoshop if you’re handy like that, but save yourself a lot of work by for example dressing dad up in a black sweater like I had dad do in the picture to the left (and loosing the focus on the background) or take simple, basic backgrounds and fabrics to wrap the baby in and put them on (see first picture).

And then, the last one in basics: use natural light! For me this is a big one and I keep stressing this one to (soon to be) parents. The discussion about whether or not to use flash on newborns (as it’s potentially harmful to the eyes) has been around for years and it’s hard to determine who’s right and who’s not but I have some pretty simple reasons why you shouldn’t. First of all, natural light looks best, really it does, one doesn’t need flash to make a newborn look good, at all! _MG_9525
But more important, for me shooting a newborn is all about keeping the little one comfortable and happy. And yes, that’s more than not having him or her crying, comfort is all about being totally relaxed and this means making sure you get those natural, comfortable looks and positions.

Honestly, I love the little yawns, the sucking on fingers and the sleepy little smiles you get. Mostly, when you start using flashlight, this stuff gets lost. Imagine, you’ve been safely inside your mothers womb for nine months, wobbly and warm, a little bit of light coming through her skin and muffled sounds. Next thing you’re being dragged around,  bright lights flashing all around the place and you’re still supposed to be comfortable. I’m sure I wouldn’t be!

So if you’re low on light, get some nice warm flooding lights to work with instead of using your (build in or external) flash. When you’re in the lucky circumstances to have a lot of light flowing in through the windows, use that! Position your working space in a way that you can make the most of what you get, all for free!

_MG_9853Like I said, the debate whether those flashes are harmful to the eyes of little ones is still going on (and I don’t think it will end in the next couple of years) but I’m more comfortable on the side of ‘better safe than sorry’ and not using any, but moreover I see big advantages in not using any flash anyway. Natural light works perfect for me, especially with newborns.

Last but not least, I want to point you to something simple: mind the details! Those little ones grow so fast (a mom of a four month old baby told me yesterday she couldn’t imagine her baby was that small just a few months ago). You want to have a picture of those little feet, those little hands, etc.

So take your time in taking pictures. As a parent, take half an hour a day, maybe an hour or more if you’re really enjoying what you’re doing. The best window of opportunity is right after feeding where the little one falls asleep and you have all the time in the world to practice and get the best shots without getting frustrated with yourself. Slowly and gently position your newborn and take your time, make the most of it!

Hope this will help a lot of people around me. Have fun shooting and if you’re unsure, have questions or need my help, don’t hesitate to ask!

(For this blog I used pictures of the newborn shoots I shot of Caeden, the one day old baby of Sueli Oosterhuis & Sander Schenkel and Aiden, the 12 day old baby son of Bas & Roosje Klinkenberg)