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After shooting with Anne, I decided I needed another round of shooting in the studio, but the hard times I had finding models was something I wasn’t ready to go into again for now. So, I took the models I have… My cats!

Luckily, they are wonderful models. My little black baby girl is just full of expression and white and pretty Pepper is always sweet to shoot. Here’s some of my pictures of my furry friends…

_MG_6838 _MG_6864 _MG_6869

Orang Utans

Oh I love my monkeys and the big ones in particular. So when I have the chance to shoot some beauties like this, I’m in heaven. On our way home from a weekend with friends in Germany we stopped at ZOOM Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen. It’s a beautiful zoo that I had been before years ago but Humberto had never been. After an afternoon strolling around we ended up in the newest part of the zoo, where they have Orang Utans. And boy was I in for a treat.

Most of the family was way up in the enclosure, really close to the window. Now I don’t like windows for shooting through, but then again, sometimes you can’t be picky and when these beautiful faces are right on the other side, who’s to complain?

_MG_6134 _MG_6146 _MG_6164







Berlin Zoo

When on a weekend holiday in Berlin, Humberto and I decided to take the afternoon to visit Berlin Zoo. I had been before and knew they have some gorgeous animals and as we both had our camera’s with us, shooting a few nice pictures was high up on our list.

So, camera’s ready? Shoot!



PepperSometimes it’s good to have another type of model in front of your camera. Tonight, the cats were around and I decided to shoot some new material. I like having some cat pictures every now and then, it’s good fun and practise. You have to be quick in your responses and comunicate well with your subject, even though it’s in a different way when communicating with people. I think it’s good for ones skills to shoot quick animals like cats, who surely have a mind of their own…

Almost loving pink…

I’m not a person for pink you know. It’s the colour I liked as a kid for just that little period where (pretty much) every girl loves the candyfloss pink dresses, but that’s been about it. I’ve only owned a very little amount of pink clothing in my life (I think there’s like two pieces of pink clothing in my closet as we speak and I hardly wear them) and other pink stuff… I don’t know. But today, I got to the point where I almost loved pink. Well, in front of my camera that is, and mainly because it just suits these gorgeous creatures…

Bald eagle

Yesterday I was able to take some time to shoot this gorgeous bald eagle. I would love to share some of these pictures with you.


Keltfest – Birdlive

The last two days I’ve been at the Keltfest festival. The wonderful birds of prey of Birdlive were there as well, so I took the time to take some portraits of these beautiful animals. More pictures of the festival will follow!

Kittehs, the monsters in our house

When Humberto moved in with me, he brought his own little cat and the one his sister had originally. They are two brothers, named Demon and Pepper. Two entirely different characters with loads of mischief and cuteness in store for us. But, who knew they would be wonderful models as well?

I’m sharing some shots I’ve taken of them recently. Aren’t they wonderful?