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A forestwalk…

A walk in the forest with my family just asked for a couple of pictures…

Wedding of Stephanie & Jonathan

It was one of those weddings I just can’t get enough of looking back at and I’ve totally loved to post process these pictures. It was a wonderful clear day, there were two beautiful people, completely in love and beautiful scenery to shoot them in. Perfection!

Stephanie & Jonathan had a wedding full of wonderful little details. All the attention they payed to those details made it a blast to shoot. I’m very happy to show some of the pictures I shot with you…

Family beachshoot

Some days aren’t the most perfect days to shoot when you look at the weather. This was one of those days. The wind was blowing and it wasn’t nice warm beach weather, however if you look at these pictures, you won’t tell, for this just shows so much love!

Jacqueline & her family were just a blast to shoot, again!


Afgelopen weekend waren de bollenvelden op zijn mooist. Het is van ons uit een klein stukje rijden, maar dat hebben we er graag voor over. De kleine dame genoot van de mooie bloemen en had een prachtige middag!

Pregnant Alette

When pregnant Alette asked me to take some last-minute pictures, being 38 weeks pregnant, I didn’t hesitate. We went out into the woods and had some beautiful soft light…


My parents have been married for 40 years this year. When they were married 25 years we took a trip to Mexico and this time, my father took my mother to Paris. The place they started out, so many years ago. What she didn’t know was that we were all coming to parents. The surprise was real. It was totally awesome and we had a beautiful weekend.

Playing in the snow

Last sunday we woke up and the light in the bedroom was off. There was a strange glow coming from outside. So I opened the curtains and I found out why… The world outside had turned white, completely white. It was so pretty!

We decided to get up early and go outside with our little munchkin. It was time for her to meet real snow, as we didn’t have snow like this for the previous two years. And fun we had, bouncing around in all that pretty snow! I even brought the camera along and shot a few pretty pictures…


Shot these beautiful ladies and their babies for my babywearing consultant website and that of my collegue…

Serious Request – Roemer Run

Toen een heel stel van mijn (toekomstige) collega’s de Roemer Run ging lopen voor Serious Request ging ik toch even een rondje mee, om foto’s te maken dan. Daarom een paar plaatjes van die dag.


Pregnant Jacqueline

Het mocht eigenlijk niet, zo ver weg van het ziekenhuis, maar heel stiekem kwam Jacqueline toch met haar man mijn kant op voor een paar foto’s van haar zwangerschap. We hebben het rustig aan gedaan zo in de winterse kou, maar wat straalde(n) ze!


Today I was invited to shoot a haka workshop. The haka  is a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Māori culture. It is a posture dance performed by a person or a group, with (vigorous) movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.

Emelie gives these wonderful haka workshops in the Netherlands and I could tell you over and over how wonderful it is to follow both her workshop as her enthousiasm for the matter.So go, try. Dance!

Wedding of Sueli & Sander

When there’s a wedding in your family, it’s very hard to say no when your sister in law asks you to take her pictures. So yes, there we are…


A quiet afternoon in the woods, in a collaboration with Mila, Sterre let her inner diva out. And look what happened!

Wedding of Ypie & Joris

It’s always fun when friends get married and you get to shoot their wedding. And this unconventional couple was so much fun, I can do this every day of the week. Really!