• Wedding of Savita & Ramon

    Sometimes you have moments that everything just works together. It all fits like a glove… Well today was one of those days. The wonderful wedding day of Savita & Ramon. And I was the happy photographer. Let me show you why…

  • Castlefest – Sunday

    And last but not least, some sunday pictures of sunny Castlefest. Music fun and friends… Luckily this time we don’t have to wait an entire year as we’ll have a winter edition. Is it almost Christmas yet?

  • Castlefest – Saturday

    Another wonderful day at the best festival of the year: Castlefest. The sun was out, my babygirl was happily hopping along on my back and I took the chance to shoot some nice stuff.

  • Castlefest – Friday

    Only had the chance to shoot the night today at Castlefest, but boy does this festival always feel like home. It makes me happy!